16 Questions to win KBC Jackpot 7 Crore at Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11

KBC Dhanalaya Money Plant

16 Steps and Here is your KBC Jackpot

Answer Only 16 Questions and you have 7 Crore the KBC Ultimate Prize Money in your Hand

Starting from first question worth 1 thousand only, and then crossing three levels at question No 5 of Rs. 10,000/- then 10th Question at Rs. 3,20,000/- and 15th Question at 1 Crore you have the Gate of Jackpot Amount of 7 Crore. In 2018, the Name of the Money Tree as “Dhanvriksh has been to Dhanalaya”. So, Here is look of that Step.

To Complete the 16 Question and win the 7 Crore Jackpot you have 4 Life lines to help with. We have excluded Phone-o-friend and Previous most beneficial life line Ask the Expert has been Introduced. Well, you Can Read more about Life Lines Here.

KBC Life Lines Season 11 – Ask the Expert Back Again