AB’s cool Specs during KBC Promo Shoot – complete Pics

in the year 2000, when it first began .. dear o dear there were so many errors on my part on the part of the crew on the part of the game runners .. but we used to overcome them , slowly yet surely .. the duration of the KBC at the time was 45 minutes , then the ad., breaks to complete an hour of the show .. when fluency arrived at the recordings , we would wind up the recording in real time .. 45 mins .. !! that was something .. now of course with extended time and many other facets to the game it has started taking a lot longer ..

.. an entire day of 2 episodes .. at times 3 just because the bank of episodes demanded it .. it was cumbersome , but the audience was great .. they provided the provocation and the inspiration to carry on regardless .. when they encourage .. you have capacity to conquer the world .. truly ..