All about KBC : 21 years – 1000 Episodes and 160 crores prize money

All about KBC : 21 years – 1000 Episodes and 160 crores prize money

1000 episode KBC sony 2021Kaun Banega crorepati is the most successful show in the TV history. Indian TV Experience has been fascinating with this show. in 2021, the show has completed the 21 years of its glamour and 1000 episode completed. Total Prize money given worth 160 crores. The host one and only Sir Amitabh Bachchan lead the show. The Show exist because of him only.

conduct 1000 episodes of the show with ONE anchor, barring 62 eps that were anchored by another .. and the prize money that has been given out, is close to 160 crore rupees .. 

This is phenomenal .. 

You need great heart to have the courage and the will to spend this kind of money as a give out .. but yes it is indeed a proud moment, for us all ..

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