Anamika Majumdar won 1 Crore on the Set of KBC – Details Inside

1 crore kbc sony anamika

Anamika Majumdar first Crorepati of KBC Season 9

She is from Jamshedpur and is a Social Worker. After Winning 1 Crore she decided to quit the Game as she could n’t answer the Jackpot question worth Rs 7 Crore. This Episode will go on air within a week.

Finally Wait is over to get first crorepati on the set of KBC to get first crorepati.

As we know KBC season 9 started on 28th August and no contestants could take home Rs 1 crore so far.

Biresh Choudhary won 50 lakh in Earlier Episodes. Also Arun Singh Won 25 lakh in Recent Episodes.

Life of Anamika Majumdar : She Belongs to Jamshedpur and married. She has two kids. She Runs an NGO called Faith in India and she will invest these amounts in her NGO for the welfare of Rural Areas of Jharkhand.

Here are the Questions asked from Anamika Majumdar

to get to win 1 Crore

1 crore question Anamika KBC

 कौन बनेगा करोड़पति-9 को मिल गया है पहला करोड़पति,  बाजी झारखंड की अनामिका मजूमदार ने मारी . एक करोड़ रु. जीतते ही इस तरह खुशी मनाई की सब देखते ही रह गए. अमिताभ बच्चन का यह रूप पहली बार देखा गया है. सेट पर मौजूद सूत्रों ने बताया कि जब अनामिका मजूमदार ने जीते तो अमिताभ चिल्ला पड़े और कहा कि आप करोड़पति बन गई हैं. अनामिका मजूमदार अपनी सारी लाइफलाइन खो चुकी थीं.

In this Episode we will also see Badminton Champion P.V Sindhu.

Amitabh Bachchan gave me a racket and asked for Autograph with P.V. Sindhu. This PV Sindhu graced the Hotseat.

Amitabh Bachchan also told that “KBC is no less than an extended family”

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1crore question Anamika KBC

All Home based KBC Jio Play Along contestant who are 30 lakh in numbers must watch this Special Episode with Anamika. Here are Some of the Pics taken During this Episode is here for you. Have a look.


7 Crore Question asked from the Contestant are as :

Ques : Which of the following pairs are not a Parent Child, who have both won Nobel Prizes?

A. Marie Curie & Irene Joliot Curie

B. JJ Thomas & George Paget Thomson

C. Niels Bohr & Aage N. Bohr

D. Hermann Emil Fishcer & Hans Fischer

Correct Answer : D. Hermann Emil Fishcer & Hans Fischer

Well more details on that can been seen : Anamika 7 Crore Question KBC