Binita Jain first Crorepati of KBC Season 10

           A Mother of Two – From Assam

In 2018, we will watch first Crorepati answering the 7 crore question. The Episode will be aired on 2nd October 2018. Till today Episode we have Maximum winning Amount is 25 lakh in 10th season.

Binita Jain, a mother of two (who hails from Assam) is seen winning one crore by answering the 13th question! Only on October 2, 2018, we will know if Binita will be able to answer the last question and take home the grand prize of seven crores.

Binita Jain KBC 1 Crore Winner

Here are the Questions asked from her:

KBC Ques KBC Ques KBC Ques KBC Ques KBC Ques 1KBC Religion Question

Indian state kingdom Hoolock Gibbon Indian Secies Book written in JailQues : Which freedom fighter is known as the Father of the Indian petroleum industry?

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