KBC 10 Slogan launched : Video Recording

KBC 10 Slogan launched : Video Recording

अब हर जवाब पूरा करेगा , एक अधूरा ख्वाब ।।

अब इसके आगे क्या बोलूं , आप ही दीजियेगा जवाब ।।

KBC Registrations for the new season will begin on June 6, with Big B coming on air on Sony Entertainment television and asking one question every night till June 20 !! Are you Ready……

The Boss who is back with the Hot Seat!! The Seat may be Hot… but he is too Cool !!

Watch the most iconic TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati with The living Legend Amitabh Bachchan ji !!

KBC Registration Question will be available right away on KBCLIV.IN

  • Important Dates :
  1. Registration to start from 6th of June at 08:30.
  2. Questions will be available on kbcliv.in
  3. Answer them via Registration Process.
  4. A total of 14 questions will be asked – 14 chances to be on Hotseat.
  5. Auditions Details will be shared soon.
  6. Show will be on air from mid of August.
  7. Check your Eligibility for the KBC Registration here.
  8. If you have not prepared for the show you can have some General knowledge Books Buy now

KBC Registration Season 10 starting 6th June : Register Now

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