KBC 2018 Registration : Procedure to Participate Season 11

sonyliv Kab tak rokoge KBCKaun Banega Crorepati Season 11

KBC 2019 Registration starting Visit Sonyliv App.

Kaun Banega Crorepati in year 2018 will start from 3rd of September and its Registration will commence from 6th of June. The lines for Registration through open IVRS, SMS, CALL, Mobile App will open for all Indian Resident. This time we will have 30 Episode Quiz show. Previous Year 2017 we witness a fantastic show of KBC, where Amitabh sir hosted the show well. This time KBC retained its TRP and show Home based users participated well in the show through KBC Play Along Game through Sonyliv App

KBC Registration Dates modes of participation kbc registration


Simple Process to Participate in KBC :

  1. First of all SONY TV will launch promo for the show.
  2. You all will be Intimated via kbcliv.in, Especially when you have registered yourself on Online Registration.
  3. SMS & Emails will be sent to Registered Users with the process to Register.
  4. Dates and Schedule for forthcoming show will be mentioned.
  5. Every Interested Indian National can take part in 2018 KBC Registration starting 6th June via Online, KBC App.
  6. User needs to Answer a Simple Question asked through TV. (Television).
  7.  Before all that make sure you have checked your Eligibility for the show, i.e whether you are Eligible for the show or not : Check your Eligibilty Here.
  8. When you are confirmed then you are tension free to participate.
  9. Common thing is that you must be 18 or more of that.
  10. If you selected in first round of Registration then you will be called back by Sony TV and a second question will be asked.
  11. This will be a process to shortlist candidate. If you qualify this round then you will be shared Auditions details.
  12. On the Audition centre you will face video test with more contestant as you are.
  13. when you will pass the Audition test you will be selected for the Hotseat in front of Amitabh Bachchan

KBC Auditions Details :

As you all know the KBC Auditions take place after asking KBC Registration Questions. You will be eligible for the Hotseat after passing this Audition Test. Auditions mostly took place in metro cities only. Contestants are very much lucky who achieve this stage in game play.

KBC Auditions Details

Contestants : In Year 2018 and through all season of KBC we witness KBC Hotseat Contestant from all across the country. we witness India in its diversity at one Hotseat. Whole India become Unite infront of Amitabh Bachchan.

Winning Opportunities :

Ghar Baitho Jeeto Jackpot : During each Episodes Home Based contestant get a chance to win 2 lakh from their Home by just answering the GBJJ question at the middle of each Episodes. At kbcliv.in we published GBJJ Questions Daily and at the correct time to make you win more. If you want to win through KBC from your home just watch the KBC Show and answer a simple question in middle of the show.

Winners are many at the KBC : Many Contestant won above 10 lakhs. We saw many players who won 1 crore and above too. This year we saw the Amitabh sir was also busy in taking selfies during the show and he was quite majestic. You can search all contestant from kbcliv.in. Read more.

Important Dates concerned to KBC Registration in 2018 on Sony Liv will be shared on kbcliv.in

  • KBC Registration Question will start from 6th of June on Sony TV.

Life lines : During the KBC Game to win upto 7 crore, Contestant face questions and they have some Life line too. These are :

  1. Audience Poll ( or Ask The Audience)
  2. 50 : 50
  3. Phone-A-Friend
  4. Flip The Question (Switch The Question/Switch)
  5. Double Dip
  6. Expert Advice (Ask the Expert)
  7. Power Paplu
  8. Triguni (Three Wise Men)
  9. Jodidaar (i.e to take help from Partner)

KBC Web Game : To keep practising the contestant we are running KBC Web Game at regular basis for the contestant. Well if you are interested in Kaun Banega Crorepati. If its your dream to be on Hotseat. Then Play KBC Web Game Daily and Keep practising for the Best. Some time you would be enough lucky to get selected for the Hotseat.

Play KBC Web Game Here

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