KBC Contestants Playing fastest finger first this week : 2nd to 6th Oct

KBC Contestants Playing fastest finger first this week : 2nd to 6th Oct

Kaun  Banega Crorepati is in final week. Here we have final 10 Contestant. They have come from all around the country. Here is the Details. We will enjoy this week the most . We will see the winner of 1 Crore and many Inspiring things.

KBC Contestant of the Week

  1. Palak Arora from Muktsar

  2. Vikash Mishra from Muzaffarpur

  3. Bhagchand Yadav from Khood

  4. Dhananjay Chatur from Kalyan

  5. Meenaxi Jain from Mumbai

  6. Anamika Majumdar from Jamshedpur

  7. Arti Tanna from Hinganghat

  8. Rajudas Rathod from Beed

  9. Dhanya T. from Malappuram

  10. Ranjeet Jaiswar from Bhopal

First Contestant who has competed for the Hotseat this week is Anamika Majumdar from Jamshedpur. On Tuesday, She will become first contestant to win 1 Crore. If you want to know how she managed to win one crore and the questions that made her to face 7 crore question then visit here.

10 contestant of the week

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