KBC Daily Quiz jackpot – Quiz No 245 – Dated 1st May

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Day 245 Dated 1st May is now active

Welcome to your KBC Daily Quiz jackpot – Quiz No 245 – Dated 1st May

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1) Ques : Who has won the 2016 Chinese Taipei Masters Men’s singles badminton tournament?
2) Ques : The India International Silk Fair (IISF) 2016 has been started in which city of India?
3) Ques : Which country to host the 14th edition of United Nations International Day of Vesak – 2017?
4) Ques : Which bollywood actress has been bestowed with the 2016 ET Panache Trendsetter Award?
5) Ques : What is the theme of 2016 World Food Day (WFD)?

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All new KBC Daily jackpot started before launch of KBC season 10 in 2018, Just Answer the 5 Questions Daily and Share among friends for maximum points and your participation will counted.

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  1. AMIT sir jee good evening……ab sir jee plz give me a chance

  2. I’m resident of bihar but now I ‘m posting/working in w.bengal I used my mobile no of w.bengal with own I’d proof then what’s my region for registration Bihar or w.bengal

  3. सर जी प्रणाम मुझे भी एक बार के० बी० सी० मॅ आने का मौका प्रदान करो । मैं पिछले 18 सालों से लगातार कोशिश कर रहा हूँ पर अभी तक मौका नहीं मिला।

  4. BACHCHAN SIR jee good morning .Big b sir jee plz give me a chance……………..

  5. I love to play kbc game…it gives more and more knowledge…through which iam trying to reach till hot seat….

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