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KBC Ask the Expert Life Lines season 10

KBC Poll Question

Kaun Banega Crorepati will be aired in the Month of August. We are Right now having process of Auditions.

This Poll is related to KBC Lifelines – Well here some information Read it properly before answer :

To help them along the way, much like it’s counterparts, the contestant had a set of lifelines available for them to use. Which lifelines were available were dependent on the format being used.

  • Audience Poll (Ask The Audience): The studio audience would dial into a keypad what they believed was the correct answer to the question. The results of the poll are shown to the contestant.
  • 50:50: The computer would remove two wrong answers from the game leaving the contestant one right and one wrong answer.
  • Phone-A-Friend: The contestant could call a pre-selected friend or family member of their choosing to aid them in answering the question. Once connected, the aiding party and the contestant had 30 seconds (45 in Season 7) to talk it out among themselves. In 2017, this became a video call instead of a voice call. For season 10, this lifeline was removed in favor of reinstating Ask the Expert.
  • Flip The Question (Switch The Question/Switch): The current question would be thrown-out and replaced with a new question. Any lifelines expended on the original question remained expended. It was introduced in the 2nd season, removed after the 3rd season and reinstated for the 7th season. During seasons 2 and 3 it could only be used after the 5th question, while it was available from the beginning in season 7.
  • Double Dip: As featured on the US “Super Millionaire”, this granted the contestant two chances to answer the question. However, invoking this lifeline removed the ability to walk away from the question. The contestant must answer twice with no further usage of lifelines. (They may use other lifelines before invoking Double Dip but not during the resolution of the lifeline.) In the event of a clocked game, the timer would stop for the first guess only. After that, if the first guess was wrong, the timer resumed counting down. If the contestant did not make their second guess before the time limit or if it was wrong, the contestant would walk away from the game with the lower threshold amount, if any.
  • Expert Advice (Ask the Expert): In season 4, the “Expert Advice” lifeline was added to the pool of lifelines available. The producers would invite certain general knowledge expert to come to the studio to aid the contestant. This lifeline was restored for season 10 in 2018.
  • Power Paplu: Introduced in the 7th season, this lifeline allowed the contestant to reuse a lifeline that was previously used on another question. It could not be a lifeline that was used on the current question.
  • Triguni (त्रिगुणी, Three Wise Men): Similar to its US counterpart, the producers would invite certain general knowledge experts or celebrities to come to the studio to aid the contestant. When invoked, the “Three Wise Men” were granted 30 seconds to discuss the question and the possible choices among themselves to come up with a consensus answer to relay back to the contestant who was often in earshot of the conversation. Once the time expired, the “Three Wise Men” were instructed to stop discussing the question and play resumed as normal.
  • Jodidaar (जोडीदार, lit. Partner): Similar to the United States’ Plus One lifeline, in addition to having 3 Phone-a-Friends, the contestant can also bring a designated family member or friend in to aid them in answering the question. (This person is designated by the contestant prior to the show.)
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Out of the given lifelines available in KBC - Which one you like most?
Out of the given lifelines available in KBC - Which one you like most?
Out of the given lifelines available in KBC - Which one you like most?
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