KBC Practice Quiz for Season 11 Dated 4th April

As you all know Registration for KBC in  2019 will start soon, the KBC will be on Sony TV. So, Lets starts practicing for KBC Questions that will asked on Sony TV.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Practice Quiz for Registration Day 24

Dated 4th April 2019

KBC Practice Quiz for Season 11 Dated 4th April

6 thoughts on “KBC Practice Quiz for Season 11 Dated 4th April”

  1. BACHCHAN SIR JEE NAMASTE! Big B Sir jee plz give me chance to season11 …….

  2. Amit Sir.I am keen to be on the hot seat as it is my childhood dream to be face to face with you as You were,are and will always be my idol and inspiration.Your journey is full of highs and lows,successes and failures,yet your grit and determination of going on and not giving up reminds me everyday to start afresh in life in spite of setbacks.

  3. Amit Sir.I am a huge fan of your acting prowess. You always inspire me with your grit and determination.Your mantra of Don’t Quit Just Do it has become the mantra of my life.Your dialogue from Agneepath-“Tu na rukegaa kabhie,Tu na thakegaa kabhie.Kar shapath,Kar shapath,kar shapath.Agnipath,Antipath,Agnipath “inspires me on daily basis to keep doing and not quit.

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