KBC Questions

KBC Questions

Process of KBC Registration :

Only Through Sonyliv Application

Ek aakhri mauka! KBC14 registration shuru honge phir ek baar 9th April raat 9 baje se sirf SonyLIV users ke liye. 

15th Registration Questions for season 14

Here is the 23rd April KBC Registration Question

Ques : The red sandalwood or red sanders trees, shown in the film “Pushpa: The Rise”, are endemic to which region of India?

Options are :

A.  Western ghats

B.  Sundarbans

C.  Eastern Ghats

D.  Doaba

Send your Answer before 9 PM on 24th April 2022

Which of these is not a sweet dish?

Link to All Day Registration from 9th of April to 17th April 2022:

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