KBC Questions

Here are the Questions asked from Contestant

1 Crore KBC from Anamika Ques : Which of these artist was principally entrusted with the task

of ‘illuminating’ the original document o the Constitution of India?

A. Ram Kinkar Baij
B. Benode Behari Mukherrjee
C. Abanindranath Tagore
D. Nand lal Bose

Correct Answer is : D. Nand lal Bose

Ques : Which one of these four birds has the longest beak and feet?

A. Heron B. Parrot C.  Crow D Piegon

Ques : Which of these not hold true for a Mammal? {12,50,000/- question)

Ques : Which of these is an electric-automobile manufacturing company named after a Serbian-American Inventor?

A. Edison  B. Tesla  C. Ford  D. Lincoln

Ans : B. Tesla

Ques : 7 April 1948, the day the constitution of WHO came into force, is celebrated for which day?

Ques : Which of these Indian prime ministers was born in present-day Gujarat?

A. Chowdhary Charan Singh  B. Morarji Desai C.Gulzari Lal Nanda  D. Inder Kumar Gujral

Ans : B. Morarji Desai

Ques : Which soldier was awarded the Param Vir Chakra after he was martyed during a US Keeping mission?

A. Rama Raghoba Rane B. Ardeshir Tarapore  C. Gurbachan Singh Salariya  D. Ramaswami Parmeshwaran

Ans :  C. Gurbachan Singh Salariya

Ques : Who among these is the ‘shishya’ of 2016 Dronacharya awardee Bishweshwar Nandi?

A. Sakshi Malik B.  P V Sindhu C. Dutee Chand  D. Dipa Karmarkar

Ans : B.  P V Sindhu

Ques : Which Hindi film’s poster carries this caption : “3 shots that shocked the nation”?

A. Airlift B. Baby C. Phantom D. Rustom

Ans :  A. Airlift

Ques : Which of the following pairs of countries do not share a border?

A. India & Bangladesh  B. Pakistan & Afghanistan

C. Nepal & Bhutan  D. India & Myanmar

Correct Answer : C. Nepal & Bhutan

Ques :  Who was the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championship?

A. PV Sindhu  B. Aparna Balan C.Saina Nehwal D. Jwala Gutta

Correct Answer is : Saina Nehwal