KBC Registration Practice Questions Series 9 Dated 24th April

KBC Registration Practice Questions Series 9 Dated 24th April

KBC Registration is starting from 1st of May on Sony TV.

Mean while we are giving out some questions for your practice.

Just Answer the following and Enjoy.

[qsm quiz=9]

प्रश्न : अप्रैल २०२२ में, एलन मस्क़ ने एक भारतीय मूल के सीईओ के नेतृतव वाली किस कंपनी को खरीदने ...
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प्रश्न : यदि यह जापानी में "अरीगातो", अरबी में "शुक्रं", और फ्रेंच में "मेर्सी" है, तो हिंदी में यह क्या ...
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8th March
प्रश्न : भारत के राष्ट्रपति ने २०२२ का नारी शक्ति पुरस्कार उपयुक्त रूप से किस तारीख को दिया था ? ...
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Trisul KBC
प्रश्न : भारत की एक मिसाइल प्रणाली का नाम किस प्रसिद्ध पौराणिक शस्त्र के नाम पर है ? १. गदा ...
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प्रश्न : चावल से बना व्यंजन, बीसी बेले बाथ इनमे से किस राज्य में सबसे लोकप्रिय है ? १. मिजोरम ...
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Disco KBC
Ques : Which of these is a genre of club music and can also refer to a nightclub where such ...
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Ques : A prescription is usually given to buy which of these? A. Electronics B. Vegetables C. Medicines D. Shoes ...
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Bowhead whale KBC
Ques : Estimated to live hundreds of years, which is the world's longest-living vertebrate? A. Galapagos tortoise B. Greenland shark ...
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Vijaynagara KBC
Ques : Harihara and Bukka are considered the founders of which empire? A. Gandhara B. Chola C. Maratha D. Vijayanagara ...
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virat Kohli
Ques : Who is the first cricketers to have 50 million followers on Twitter? A. Mahendra Singh Dhoni B. Virat ...
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Ques : In which language did the freedom fighter Mahakavi Subramania Bharati primarily write his poetry? A. Malayalam B. Telugu ...
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newton KBC
Ques : Which SI unit is defined as the force required to provide a mass of 1 kg with an ...
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Ques : Which word fills in the blank in the title of this book by Rudraneil Sengupta-'Enter the Dangal: Travels ...
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Brunch KBC
Ques : What term is used for a meal that is a combination of breakfast and lunch? A. Snack B ...
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  1. I want to play only one time. Please give me a chance. I know most people are registered in every year. But some people are playing only. This is my first chance and my dream also that I also sit on hot seat. This is possible if you give me a chance. Thank you KBC team and Amit sir.

  2. मैं हॉट सीट पर आने के लिए सतत प्रयास कर रहा हूँ , आशा करता इसी 11 वें संस्करण में मुझे हॉट सीट पर बैठने का अवसर मिलेगा .

  3. Ummid jeet ki ummid jashn ki kbc game ek festival iska sabko intjaar rahta hai jashn festive season of

  4. Jab KBC ka show TV par shuru ho jaaye,toh maano jaise Saara jahan ruk jaaye.This is the Charisma of Amit Sir on KBC.

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