KBC Registration Question Day 12 Dated 17th June 2018

KBC Registration Question Day 12 Dated 17th June 2018

 Twelfth Question of

Kaun Banega Crorepati Registration

Here is your Registration Question – Answer Now to get qualified for

KBC Hot seat via selection through Auditions.

KBC Registration Question for 17th June 2018

kbc registration ques 12


Type KBC A 25 M/F and send to 509093

Process of Submit Answer through SMS, IVRS, APP & Web Medium –

  • Process to Submit Answer via SMS –

Type KBC A 25 M/F and send to 509093 if your answer is A (25 DENOTES TO AGE AND M FOR MALE AND F FOR FEMALE )
Type KBC B 25 M/F and send to 509093 if your answer is B
Type KBC C 25 M/F and send to 509093 if your answer is C
Type KBC D 25 M/F and send to 509093 if your answer is D

  • Process to Submit Answer via IVRS –

Dial 505252501 if your answer is A
Dial 505252502 if your answer is B
Dial 505252503 if your answer is C
Dial 505252504 if your answer is D

modes of participation kbc registrationKBC Registration Dates

For Submitting Answer through KBC Sonyliv APP – Download Here

प्रश्न : अप्रैल २०२२ में, एलन मस्क़ ने एक भारतीय मूल के सीईओ के नेतृतव वाली किस कंपनी को खरीदने ...
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प्रश्न : यदि यह जापानी में "अरीगातो", अरबी में "शुक्रं", और फ्रेंच में "मेर्सी" है, तो हिंदी में यह क्या ...
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8th March
प्रश्न : भारत के राष्ट्रपति ने २०२२ का नारी शक्ति पुरस्कार उपयुक्त रूप से किस तारीख को दिया था ? ...
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Trisul KBC
प्रश्न : भारत की एक मिसाइल प्रणाली का नाम किस प्रसिद्ध पौराणिक शस्त्र के नाम पर है ? १. गदा ...
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प्रश्न : चावल से बना व्यंजन, बीसी बेले बाथ इनमे से किस राज्य में सबसे लोकप्रिय है ? १. मिजोरम ...
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Disco KBC
Ques : Which of these is a genre of club music and can also refer to a nightclub where such ...
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Ques : A prescription is usually given to buy which of these? A. Electronics B. Vegetables C. Medicines D. Shoes ...
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Bowhead whale KBC
Ques : Estimated to live hundreds of years, which is the world's longest-living vertebrate? A. Galapagos tortoise B. Greenland shark ...
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Vijaynagara KBC
Ques : Harihara and Bukka are considered the founders of which empire? A. Gandhara B. Chola C. Maratha D. Vijayanagara ...
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virat Kohli
Ques : Who is the first cricketers to have 50 million followers on Twitter? A. Mahendra Singh Dhoni B. Virat ...
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Ques : In which language did the freedom fighter Mahakavi Subramania Bharati primarily write his poetry? A. Malayalam B. Telugu ...
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newton KBC
Ques : Which SI unit is defined as the force required to provide a mass of 1 kg with an ...
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Ques : Which word fills in the blank in the title of this book by Rudraneil Sengupta-'Enter the Dangal: Travels ...
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Brunch KBC
Ques : What term is used for a meal that is a combination of breakfast and lunch? A. Snack B ...
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