KBC the Life Changing Platform – True Words by Sir Amitabh Bachchan

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KBC and Our Victory

This life changing platform of KBC is the heady attraction of the presence of an interesting contestant and the ability of the host to cope with it .. in doing so there are many learning and endearing tracks of the time spent .. the knowledge of their history, of the struggles of life, of the adverse and at times , and its reverse at most times .. those smiles of joy those tears of excitement and the great privilege to be a part of them albeit for a short while shall ever be that welcoming attraction to be in their company for as long as one can ..

…. their victory is ours .. mine ..  and .. their defeat and loss a sad loss for the host too .. you live their expectation .. their hope and their need .. and in its fulfilment that exhilaration that they express with the most endearing smiles possible .. a few minutes on that ‘chair’ of opportunity, brings to life a living never dreamt before ..

.. that is the moment ..