Lord Shiva’s temple where even a dead person becomes alive, where is it and what is the secret?

Lord Shiva’s temple where even a dead person becomes alive, where is it and what is the secret?

That temple of Mahadev where even a dead person remains alive for some time.

Mahamandeshwar Mahadev whose temple is 128 km away from Dehradun at a place called Lakhamandal……

This is also the place where the Kauravas tried to kill the Pandavas by setting the Lakhmahal on fire and they exited through a tunnel, hence the name Lakhmandal. This is Bahi temple and here Mahadev was established by Yudhishthira.

Here two idols are standing in front of the Shivling, one of which does not have a hand, why it remains a mystery even today.

But the biggest mystery here which surprises the entire medical team and scientists is that any dead person can come alive here.

When the priest of the temple places the dead person’s body near the Shiva linga and effigies and sprinkles the holy Ganges water on the dead body, the person comes alive and chants the name of the Lord, then the priest pours the Ganges water into the Ganges water. His mouth After that his body becomes dead again, even if a dead person is taken from the front of the temple, then on reaching in front of the temple, his body also moves, people who believe in these things Don’t do it. People and scientists also go to see all these miracles with their own eyes and when everyone sees them in front of their eyes, they wonder how this can happen.

Apart from this, it is said that those who do not have children here, their wishes are fulfilled here.

Har Har Mahadev

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