Madhuri or Aishwarya – Both are welcome

In KBC 2017, which has been long overdue for now, anyone from Madhuri ji or Aishwarya ji will be a perfect replacement for Amitabh ji. Though AB has been an iconic figure, KBC has still not been able to host the show by a female personality. It speaks against the gender equality…. Women too, are brilliant and in beauty… men will have to look sideways ….. So, welcome Madhuri or Aishwarya….. Anyone could be public’s favourite as they have been for years and will do a magic to throb the people’s heart dhak … dhak …. Amitabh Bachchan too, may do a comeback as he has done in the past … So, that way, we will have a beautiful mix … Beauty will be added to the brains …

Written by Sampat lal , Email ID : [email protected]

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