One more question for KBC Registration – Last Chance to be on Hotseat

Are you Ready….4 days already passed and one question will be published today sharp at 9 PM on SONY TV

Kaun Banega Crorepati Game Show Registration Season 9 in Year 2017 is underway and on 21st of June, the final question will be asked. The interested ones can participate. We are receiving huge registrations from your side and hence we are encouraged to come with better format of KBC this time. Hope you will enjoy a lot.

If you want to see the Registration Question of the day, then click here…

Hope, you have not missed any chance this time, your anticipation, query, comments has made us proud and promoted for the Game show KBC. Registration  is free on SONYliv Mobile  Application and on and also through SMS and IVRS. Detailed Can be seen here

The Registration Question and the detailed process can be obtain on Hope you all enjoying the KBC Registration.

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