Ques : Which of these is made of bone? – Here is the 21st May KBC Registration Question

KBC Registration 13th Question 2020KBC12 registrations have started. Here is the 13th question which is open for you to answer till 22nd May, 9 PM.

To register, download the Sony LIV app or send in your answer via SMS. Watch the video for registration details.

Kaun Banega Crorepati is Back, KBC Registration Starting from 9th May 2020

Here is the 21st May KBC Registration Question

Ques : Which of these is made of bone?

Options are :

A.  Walrus tusks

B.  Rhino horns

C.  Deer antlers

D.  Elephant tusks

Coming Soon
Ques : Which of these is made of bone?

Send your Answer before 9 PM on 22nd May 2020

Subscribers of the below mentioned operators can send in their SMSs to 509093:
Airtel, BSNL, IDEA, Jio & Vodafone in select circles
All registration through SMSs need to be in the following format:
“KBC <space>< A/B/C/D> <space><Age in completed years> <space><Gender>”. e.g.: If the correct
answer to the question aired is “A” according to you, you are 21 years and 10 months old and are a male; you
are required to send “KBC A 21 M”.

Important Dates of KBC Registration 2020 :

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