Ques : Which superstar in his early career appeared in the TV series “Wagle Ki Duniya”, “Fauji”, and “Circus”?

KBC Registration Question 5th season 12KBC12 registrations have started. Here is the 5th question which is open for you to answer till 13th May, 9 PM.

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Kaun Banega Crorepati is Back, KBC Registration Starting from 9th May 2020

Here is the 13th May KBC Registration Question

KBC 5th Registration Question

Ques : Which superstar in his early career appeared in the TV series “Wagle Ki Duniya”, “Fauji”, and “Circus”?

Options are :

A. Salman Khan

B.  Shah Rukh Khan

C. Aamir Khan

D.  Sanjay Dutt

Coming Soon
Which superstar in his early career appeared in the TV series "Wagle Ki Duniya", "Fauji", and "Circus"?

Send your Answer before 9 PM on 13th May 2020

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Airtel, BSNL, IDEA, Jio & Vodafone in select circles
All registration through SMSs need to be in the following format:
“KBC <space>< A/B/C/D> <space><Age in completed years> <space><Gender>”. e.g.: If the correct
answer to the question aired is “A” according to you, you are 21 years and 10 months old and are a male; you
are required to send “KBC A 21 M”.

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