Rehearse for another day in the life of KBC

kbc sony setAmitabh Bachchan is now busy for the KBC and we have received very much interest this time for the KBC. Amitabh Sir has written on Blog stating that. Here are the points from the Blog.

And we rehearse for another day in the life of KBC, which is soon to start its recordings and game play in the not too distant future ..

And getting down to the basics of what the show shall entail is down on the list of the producers and we go over them again and again to get it right and correct .. the sensitivity of the game and its conduct is vital and so its enactment needs great attention ..

Production and Sony where it shall be telecast, inform me that the registration numbers were close to a number not seen before .. and that it showed that interest in the game was still perhaps alive .. some of the Economic papers that write about it, give statistics of the past and the present and give comparative percentage increases .. that is heartening !

And then its more work as we go along .. right now it shall be consumed by KBC, but after with TOH and then a film with Nagaraj who made that exceptional film ‘Sairaat’ in Marathi .. and a few others lined up one after the other .. talking about them would be out of place and unethical, so we wait ..

In the meanwhile we need to take a breath and express love and affection to all the Ef all over the entire world and tell them that the family that we have built is indeed unique and lasting and that is how I would wish it to be ..

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