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Ques : Which of these international organizations has the least number of member countries?


Ques : Which of these leaders has never been the prime minister of India?


Ques : Which of these states has the least number of seats in the Lok Sabha?


Ques : Which of these numbers has the highest value?

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Ques : In which of these games would the number of players from a team on the playing field during a match be the least?


Ques : Which of these traditional sarees originates from a place located furthest west in India?


Ques : In terms of area, which of these continents is the smallest?


Ques : Which of these dynasties was the last to rule?

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Ques : When arranged in descending order, which of these numbers comes first?


Ques : Which of these units of measurements has the smallest value?


Ques : In the Ramayana, which of these members of King Dasharatha’s family is the youngest?

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Fourth Triple Test Question – Fastest Finger Test Questions Dt. 25th August


Ques : Which of these political parties was formed most recently?


Ques : The place mentioned in which of these movie titles lies farthest west?

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Triple Test – Fastest Finger Test Questions – 2nd Episode KBC Dt. 24th August


Ques : Which of these sports is not in the “track and field” category?


Ques : The festival of Rakhi falls on which day of the lunar month of Sharavana?


Ques : In modern times, which of these cities hosted two Olympics Games, one in the 19th century and the other in the 21st century?

Triple Test KBC 2021

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