Watch IPS Mohita Sharma – the second crorepati of the season attempt the Sawaal

Mohita Garg KBC Winner IPS

Will she create history? Watch IPS Mohita Sharma –

the second crorepati of the season attempt the Sawaal

7 Crore Ka tonight at 9 PM on KBC12.

Ques : Which Rajput ruler commenced the construction of the Udaipur City Palace in the 16th Century? A. Maharana Pratap ...
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jawaharlal nehru
Ques : Which prime minister was instrumental in setting up the Children's Film Society India? A. Rajiv Gandhi B. Jawaharlal ...
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munsi Premchand
Ques : Which renowned Hindi writer was born in the village Lamhi, located near Varanasi? A. Maithili Sharan Gupt B ...
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united kingdom
Ques : American-born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson became prime minister of which country in 2019? A. South Africa B ...
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Ques : Identify the type of embroidery seen in this image A. Chikan B. Zardozi C. Kashidakari D. Kantha Ans ...
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Ques : Who among these is also known as Tanaya, Nandini and Tanuja? A. Daughter B. Wife C. Mother D ...
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Disha Patani
Ques : Which of these actresses made her debut in Hindi films with a sports biopic? A. Taapsee Pannu B ...
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Ques : Who among these specializes in the problems relating to the digestive system? A. Orthopedist B. Gastroenterologist C. Radiologist ...
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Ques : Which of these is a popular health drink made from whole wheat or millet flour, jaggery, and other ...
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Ques : With reference to music, what does the "D" in DJ stand for ? A. Dance B. Duet C ...
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Ques : Which of these would you need to operate a steam iron used for ironing clothes? A. Vinegar B ...
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KBC Lakhapti play Along
Congratulations to our 10 Lakhpatis of Ninth Week and First Episode Dt. 01/12/2020 ...
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Ques : Which of these is the forest where the Pandavas spent a large part of their 12-year life in ...
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aslam sher khan
Ques : Which sportsman's autobiography is titled "To Hell with Hockey"? A. Captain Roop Singh B. Major Dhyan Chand C ...
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Ques : Which environmentalist is credited for lending the Chipko Movement its slogan "Ecology is permanent economy"? A. Medha Patkar ...
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