What is KBC Jio Play Along : FAQs Exciting concept by Kaun Banega Crorepati

kbc jio play alongFreqently asked Question on Jio KBC Play Along

  1. What is Jio KBC PlayAlong?

Ans :  Jio KBC PIayAlong is an exciting concept which allows you to play along with Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) being broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television (SD&HD) starting 28th August. The application will display the questions and answer options in sync with the KBC broadcast. As and when the question is asked during the episode, the question is live in the app. Based on the answer options shown on the TV, players should select the answer and lock it.

Answers will be revealed on TV and App simultaneously. Correct answers enable a player to move ahead in the game and earn points.

  1. How do i get Jio KBC Play Along?

Ans : Players should download latest version of JioChat app (available for Android on Play Store / for iOS on App Store for free). Once installed you can click on the “Jio KBC PIayAlong” banner or icon or channel name to access Jio KBC PlayAlong. We would love for you do this before the broadcast starts so that you have enough time to get acquainted with the format and select your preferred language.

  1. How much time will i get to answer the question?

Ans : In part it is to keep the spirit of the game alive, and in part it is to ensure that everybody gets level playing field. As a player you will get the following times to answer the questions

Questions Time for an answer in KBC on the TV show Timer for an answer in Jio KBC PlayAlong
1 – 5


30 seconds Lesser of time taken by contestant to answer or 30 seconds,subject to a minimum of 15 seconds
5 – 10


60 seconds Lesser of time taken by contestant to answer or 60 seconds,subject to a minimum of 30 seconds
10-15 Not timed Lesser of time taken by contestant to answer or 60 seconds,subject to a minimum of 30 seconds

However, in all the above cases, if the next question has been asked on the TV show, the timer of the current question will not extend beyond that time.

  1. I did not select “Look it Down” after selecting the answer, would my answer be recorded?

Ans : Unfortunately no, “Lock It Down” tells us that you are confident about the answer and want to submit that answer.

  1. Which lifelines will i be able to use on Jio KBC PlayAlong?

Ans : Unfortunately, players cannot get access to lifelines, due to process and technology issues.

  1. i gave a wrong answer, do I have wait for the next contestant to come on TV?

Ans : No, you will have to wait till the next question is asked on the PAG.

  1. Can I tell my friends that I am playing Jio KBC PlayAlong?

Ans : Absolutelyl! We would be thrilled if you do that. You can select “Share” icon and let your friends on Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp know that you are enjoying playing Jio KBC PlayAlong.

  1. How are you calculating my points?

Ans : Jio KBC PlayAlong Points are calculated based on the money on offer for the current question level. in simple terms, if the current question is for Rs 5000/you will receive 5 points, on the higher side, if the question is for 7 Crores (700,00,000) you get 70,000 points.

  1. Would my points be only for a single episode?

Ans : Well, that’s where we are different. Your points are accumulated throughout the season. You can keep playing with all the contestants during this season of KBC. Though on TV only one person can win at a time, here you can win with every contestant.

  1. I am not a Jio customer, can I still play Jio KBC Play Along?

Ans : Yes, you can play so long as you download and register on the JioChat app. However, in the event prizes are announced, and you win any, you may need a Jio SIM card / number to avail them.

  1. I am not a Jio Customer, will I get the same points as a Jio customer?

Ans : Yes, you will get the same points

  1. How do I give you feedback about the JioKBC Play Along?

Ans : That’s really sweet of you!! Please email us at [email protected]

  1. What happens if the network connection breaks or I get a call or SMS while I’m playing the game?

Ans : If you get a call or SMS while playing, do not exit the JioChat app, but continue playing after your call has ended. However, the timer may have ended, in which case you will need to wait till the next question is asked on the TV show.

In the event network connection breaks for any reason, you may be disqualified from continuing to play one or more questions. PLEASE remember to stay in an area with a good network connection when playing this game! And do try and avoid lifts, basements and tunnels!

  1. Are there any prizes for the play along?

Ans : Not yet, but if there are, we will inform you through advertisements and messages!

  1. If I change my phone number, can I continue to play the game ?

Ans : Your phone number is your identity in the JioChat app. Using a different phone number would mean you are a new participant as far as we are concerned. So, to maximise your points, stick to one phone number! And don’t play with another person’s phone number or that person will be the one winning the points and prizes, if any!

  1. Can anyone play the game?

Ans : Only persons who are 18 years or above on the date of playing, Indian citizens, and of sound mind are permitted to participate.

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  1. Good night sir aap mera reakard chek kar lijiye Mai kitane saal she kbc khel raha hu Puri lagan aur viswash she lekin sir mai majduri karane wala aadmi hu 12 ghante kam karana padta Hai apne hath she khana banana kapde dhona ishliye sir Live kbc khelana mere liye asambhav nahi Hai ye meri majburi Hai sir please ho ske to mujhe garib par bhi thoda kripa dristi daliye jaishi aapki ichha

  2. when and how will our points be redeemed into cash?
    Do all the play along contestants get cash for points or any one will get the cash?
    pls answer sir

  3. Why should I play if I don’t get any prize or promotion. If there is no prize I would rather watch some other program. Till now I have earned thousands of points. I will switch to big boss without any prize or reward I’m not gonna waste my point playing this game.

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