Which of the naval exercies is conducted jointly by India and Singapore?

C. Simbex

Ques : Which of the naval exercises is conducted jointly

by India and Singapore?

Options are :

A. Varuna

B. Malabar

C. Simbex

D. Slinx

Ans : C. Simbex

Indian Navy Joint Exercises

Varuna naval exercise is joint exercise of navies of France and India.

SLINEX.-Sri Lanka India Naval Exercise

INDRA is a joint, bi-annual military exercise conducted by India and Russia

Hand-in-Hand. -India-China joint military training exercise Exercise

Malabar is a bilateral naval exercise involving the United States and India.

Simbex – Indian Navy with Republic of Singapore Navy

IBSAMARwith the Brazil and South African navie

.KONKAN – A bilateral Naval Exercise between Indian Navy and Royal Navy of