Why is Kedarnath called (Jagrut) Jagrit Mahadev? Awakened Mahadev

Why is Kedarnath called (Jagrut) Jagrit Mahadev? Awakened Mahadev

So that’s why Kedarnath Dham is called Awakened Mahadev…

This two-minute story will give you goosebumps.

    • Once a Shiva-devotee went on a pilgrimage to Kedarnath Dham from his village. Earlier there were no transport facilities, he left on foot. Whoever met on the way would have asked the way to Kedarnath. He used to meditate on Lord Shiva in his mind. Months passed by while he was walking. Finally one day he reached Kedar Dham. The doors of the temple in Kedarnath open for 6 months and remain closed for 6 months. He reached at the time when the doors of the temple were closing. He told Pandit ji that he had come from far away after traveling for months. Prayed to Pandit ji – Please open the doors and give me the darshan of the Lord. But there is a rule that once it is closed it is closed. Rules are rules. He cried a lot. Repeatedly remembered Lord Shiva that Lord give me darshan just once. He was praying to everyone, but no one listened.
    • Pandit ji said, now come here after 6 months, after 6 months the doors will open here. Here there is snow and frost for 6 months. And all the people left from there. He kept on crying there. Night started to fall while crying and it became dark all around. But he had faith in his Shiva that he would surely bless him. He was also feeling very hungry and thirsty. He heard the sound of someone coming. Saw a Sanyasi Baba coming towards him. That Sanyasi Baba came to him and sat beside him. Asked – Son, where have you come from? Baba Ji explained to him and also gave him food. And then Baba kept talking to him for a long time. Baba ji felt pity on him. He said, Son, I think the temple will definitely open in the morning. You will definitely see.
    • Don’t know when this devotee fell asleep while talking. The devotee’s eyes opened with the dim light of the sun. He looked here and there for Baba, but he was nowhere. Before he could understand anything, he saw Pandit ji coming with his entire congregation.
      • He bowed down to the Pandit and said – yesterday you had said that the temple will open after 6 months? And meanwhile no one will come here, but you came in the morning itself. Pandit ji looked at him carefully, tried to identify him and asked – are you the one who came when the temple door was closed? The ones I met Came back after 6 months! The man said with surprise – No, I didn’t go anywhere. I had met you only yesterday, I had slept here at night. I did not go anywhere. There was no place for Pandit ji’s surprise.
      • He said – But I had gone after closing the temple 6 months ago and today I have come after 6 months. How can you survive here for six months? Pandit ji and the whole congregation were surprised. How can a single person survive for six months in such a cold?
      • Then that devotee told him about meeting Sanyasi Baba and all the things that happened with him. That a sannyasin had come – he was tall, had long coiffures, trishul in one hand and damru in the other, was wearing an antelope. Pandit ji and everyone fell at his feet. Said, I have spent my life but could not get the darshan of the Lord, you are the true devotee.
You have actually seen Lord Shiva. He only converted your 6 months into one night with his Yog-Maya. Shortened the time period. All this happened because of your pure mind, your devotion and faith. Salutations to your devotion Kedarnath Jyotirlinga Divine and Rare Darshan Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand!

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