Eligibility Check for KBC Hotseat – Play Now

Eligibility Check for KBC Hotseat – Play Now

Ques : What is your Age?

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Top 10 Players KBC
Fifth Play along Contestant of the week Congratulations to Top 10 Play Along contestants who will be playing the Fastest ...
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Ques : The frame of a slingshot usually resembles which of these letters of the English alphabet? A. O B ...
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Ques : 'Shehnai bajna' is used as a metaphor for which of these events? A. Wedding B. Graduation C. Birth ...
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AARTI KBC Contestant
Sabko saath leke chalne waali aur sabhi ko aatmnirbhar banane waali Aarti Bajaj Chugh aa rahi hai humaare manch par ...
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Ques : For which of these activities are you most likely to use a dumbbell? A. Reading B. Singing C ...
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Ques : What is the popular name of the reward money returned to the customer after making a payment through ...
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Ques : The films Jersey, Iqbal, and Lagaan all have which sport as a central plot element? A. Field hockey ...
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Yavatmal KBC
Ques : Which of these districts is in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra? A. Raigad B. Nashik C. Satara D ...
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  1. I have dream to seat on HOTSEAT of KBC since KBC has started, i have praying regularly to god that fulfil my wish.

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