Month: September 2021

Rib cage

Ques : Which of the following acts as a protective coverage for our heart and lungs?

lord of the forest KBC

Ques : Which of these names means ‘lord of the forest’?


Ques : While travelling via which of these transport systems would one have to present their ticket to a TTE?

Bajra KBC

Ques : Which of these is not a type of dal?


Ques : Which of these countries was the first to host the Summer Olympic Games in the 21st century?


Ques : In the 2021 film “Mimi”, who plays the titular role?

Great Hedge

Ques : The Great Hedge of India was erected by the British to stop what?

Hanuman KBC

Ques : The father-son duo Dara Singh and Vindu Dara Singh have both played which of these roles in TV shows?


Ques : A role that his family has held for 3 generations, Sukumar Mukherjee presently serves as the secretary of the trust of which historical site?

Ujjwala man

Ques : By what name is the minister in the picture popularly known?

south east central railway

Ques  : The headquarters of which zone of the Indian Railways is located in Bilaspur?


Ques : Who was the first cricketer to score a century in his 98th, 99th and 100th test matches?


Ques : Which of these animals has breeds called Red Kandhari and Red Sindhi?

Manoij KBC

Ques :  Which of these names means ‘moon’?

Dr Ashwani kumar Sinha KBC Contestant from Bastar

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sinha KBC Contestant from Bastar

Sher Sah

Ques : What was Captain Vikram Batra’s codename during a Kargil War?

gulgula chowk

Ques : What is ‘gulgula’ a type of?


Ques : In Hindu mythology, Devi Lakshmi is normally seated on which of these flowers?

Namak Mirch KBC

Ques : According to a proverb when someone exaggerates, which of these is he said to have put in the “baat”?

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