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KBC Season 11 in 2019

The Game Show Kaun Banega Crorepati

Kaun Banega Crorepati is Back

Countdown has begun! KBC returns with a Brand new season, 19th August onwards, Mon-Fri at 9 PM.

Sanoj Raj from Jehanabad Bihar


Watch #KBC, starting tonight, Mon-Fri at 9 PM. Amitabh Bachchan

KBC Premiere video ade raho

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Here is the Latest Promo Videos : Watch them Below :


KBC Registration Round is over and we have completed the Auditions. The shooting for the Promo is under way.

Here are some update and Pictures from it.

We are coming to your favourite TV Network SONY TV right at 9 PM

Anyone who is an Indian citizen, residing in India, of 18 years or above as on May 01, 2019 and the citizen should be of sound health and mind can register for KBC. No person can participate on behalf of another person. Any Contestant who has made it even once to the Fastest Finger First of the current season (season 11) of the Competition or any of the previous seasons of the Competition, will not be eligible to participate in the current season (season 11) of the Competition.

Important Dates of KBC Registration 2019 :

KBC Registration 2019 Important Dates
KBC Registration 2019 Important Dates

Process of KBC Registration :

How to register for KBC in 2019 sms ivrs

Subscribers of the below mentioned operators can send in their SMSs to 509093:
Airtel, BSNL, IDEA, Jio & Vodafone in select circles
All registration through SMSs need to be in the following format:
“KBC <space>< A/B/C/D> <space><Age in completed years> <space><Gender>”. e.g.: If the correct
answer to the question aired is “A” according to you, you are 21 years and 10 months old and are a male; you
are required to send “KBC A 21 M”.


How to answer using Sony Liv application available on iOS and Android platforms

Please follow the below mentioned steps for participating via the Sony Liv app:
1. Download the SonyLIV application from the application store. Please note, the application download
is free of cost, however data charges may apply. For further details please contact your service
2. Please enter your email ID and mobile number. Please note that we will be able to get in touch with
you only if the mobile number you have input is registered with the service provider in India.
3. Please select your age from the options provided. Please note that only those Registrants will be
considered for participation in the show who have completed 18 years of age as on May 01, 2019.
4. Please choose your gender between Male, Female and Others
5. Please select your education between Graduate and Non-Graduate
6. Please select your occupation as per the options Professional, Salaried, Businessman/Trader, Student,
Farmer and Others.
7. Please select zone as per the options
– Mumbai, Delhi
– Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli
– Rest of Maharashtra (except Mumbai), Goa
– Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir & Rajasthan
– Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh- Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar & Jharkhand
– West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Sikkim & North East
– Rest of India
8. Please select your answer option (A/B/C/ D) for the general knowledge based Competition question
to complete the registration process.
Once you have submitted the answers to all the questions, you will get see a confirmation screen confirming
the registration.

KBC Auditions Details :

As you all know the KBC Auditions take place after asking KBC Registration Questions. You will be eligible for the Hotseat after passing this Audition Test. Auditions mostly took place in metro cities only. Contestants are very much lucky who achieve this stage in game play.

KBC Audition Dates 2019

KBC Play ALong Play Now
KBC Play ALong Play Now

KBC Dhanalaya Money Plant

About KBC New Life LinesKBC Life Lines season 10
SONYLIV KBC Play Along – Download App and Play with KBC

KBC Registration Question – Now Live

Amitabh Bachchan will ask each Day one question and you have to Answer them to be on Hotseat. You can answer through SMS, IVRS and SonyLIV App. Here are the Dates on which KBC Registration took place.

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KBC Season 11

KBC Play Along Leaderboard Dated 18th October 2019
Win while you watch! That's right, with KBC Play Along you can win instant cash and prizes worth crores while ...
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2011 cenusus largest population
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Ques : Osteoporosis is a disease that affects which part of the human body? A. Lungs B. Skin C. Eyes ...
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passport Indian document
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hairstyle girls
Ques : Which of these terms describes a hairstyle worn by women and girls? A. Dogtail B. Pigtail C. Cattail ...
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harvest festivals
Ques : What name for a rice dish is also the name of a harvest festival? A. Bihu B. Vishnu ...
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Ques : Which Indian businessman, who was kidnapped in 1998 in Ahmedabad, was also trapped inside the Taj Mahal Hotel ...
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physical bodies
Ques : In Hindu mythology, what unique physical feature did Daksha, a son of Brahma possess? A. Wings B. A ...
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Indian national congress
Ques : Which of these Britishers was never the president of the Indian National Congress? A. A O Hume B ...
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some one condition afraid
Ques : Which of these is a proverb that describes someone's condition when they are very afraid? A. Liver Hil ...
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computer program
Ques : In computing terminology, which of these terms means a mistake or an error in a computer program? A ...
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hanuman chalisa
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sportsman nicknamed hitman
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asian elephants tusks
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Anamika Majumdar , She won 1 Crore on the Set of KBC – Want to know the Details go Inside

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