7 Crore Question asked from Nazia Nasim – KBC Winner Season 12

Kaun Banega Crorepati : KBC 12 – Season 12 – Nazia Nasim

First Crorepati of the Season

Here is 7 crore Question asked from Nazia Nasim – KBC12 Winner

Where in Singapore did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose make the first proclamation of a Azad Hind government Where in Singapore did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose make the first proclamation of a Azad Hind government

KBC 1 Crore Winner Nazia Who is the first woman and also former astronaut to reach the deepest point of the ocean, Mariana Trench


meet tej bahadur kBC
With dreams of flying high and the determination of going above and beyond, our next hotseat contestant, TEJ BAHADUR SINGH ...
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Ques : Which Rajput ruler commenced the construction of the Udaipur City Palace in the 16th Century? A. Maharana Pratap ...
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jawaharlal nehru
Ques : Which prime minister was instrumental in setting up the Children's Film Society India? A. Rajiv Gandhi B. Jawaharlal ...
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munsi Premchand
Ques : Which renowned Hindi writer was born in the village Lamhi, located near Varanasi? A. Maithili Sharan Gupt B ...
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united kingdom
Ques : American-born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson became prime minister of which country in 2019? A. South Africa B ...
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Ques : Identify the type of embroidery seen in this image A. Chikan B. Zardozi C. Kashidakari D. Kantha Ans ...
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Ques : Who among these is also known as Tanaya, Nandini and Tanuja? A. Daughter B. Wife C. Mother D ...
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Disha Patani
Ques : Which of these actresses made her debut in Hindi films with a sports biopic? A. Taapsee Pannu B ...
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Ques : Who among these specializes in the problems relating to the digestive system? A. Orthopedist B. Gastroenterologist C. Radiologist ...
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Ques : Which of these is a popular health drink made from whole wheat or millet flour, jaggery, and other ...
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Ques : With reference to music, what does the "D" in DJ stand for ? A. Dance B. Duet C ...
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Ques : Which of these would you need to operate a steam iron used for ironing clothes? A. Vinegar B ...
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KBC Lakhapti play Along
Congratulations to our 10 Lakhpatis of Ninth Week and First Episode Dt. 01/12/2020 ...
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Ques : Which of these is the forest where the Pandavas spent a large part of their 12-year life in ...
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aslam sher khan
Ques : Which sportsman's autobiography is titled "To Hell with Hockey"? A. Captain Roop Singh B. Major Dhyan Chand C ...
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