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Ques : The last known living members of which animal species in India are believed to have been shot by ...
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Congratulations to our 10 Players on Play Along from 14th September You can participate with KBC Play Along Gold and ...
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Ques : Who among these is credited with introducing the groundnut to India from South America? A. Chinese B. British ...
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Lutyens Bungalow
Ques : In which city is the Lutyens Bungalow Zone? A. New Delhi B. Mumbai C. Chandigarh D. Jaipur Ans ...
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Ques : Who killed Ghatotkacha using the weapon 'Shakti' during the Kurukshetra War? A. Ashwatthama B. Drona C. Shalya D ...
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Sun Temple
Ques : Konark Dance Festival, an annual five day classical dance carnival, happens against the backdrop of which temple in ...
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Ques : Apart from Shankar and Ehsaan, who is the third member of the musical trio which has given many ...
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Ques : Dak Karmayogi, an e-learning platfrom , was launched by the Union Minister and Minister of State handling which ...
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