First Episode – Fastest Finger First – Triple Test Questions

Ques : In modern times, which of these cities hosted two Olympics Games, one in the 19th century and the other in the 21st century?

A. London

B. Athens

C. Atlanta

D. Seoul

Ans : B. Athens

Ques : The festival of Rakhi falls on which day of the lunar month of Sharavana?

A. Amavasya

B. Ashtami

C. Purnima

D. Ekadashmi

Ans : C. Purnima

Ques : In the effort to fight which disease was the slogan used in India :”Dawai bhi, Kadai bhi”?

A. Tuberculosis

B. Polio

C. Dengue

D. COVID -19

Ans : D. COVID -19