Ghar Baitho Jeeto Jackpot – KBC Game Show

ghar baithe jeeto JAckpot question series kbc


 Kaun Banega Crorepati

“Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot”

Question will be updated at 9 PM

 * Only entries received by 23:59:59 PM on 20th September 2017 will be considered valid entries. Please read T&Cs for details.

Procedure :

JIO Users can Send SMS by following Format  to number 57666.

SMS KBC<space>Asnwer Option (A/B/C/D) to 57666. For Details Refer Below

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Procedure :

Kaun Banega Crorepati Show will begin from 29th of August at 09:00 PM and During each Day one Ghar Baitho Jeeto Jackpot Question will be asked during the show. The Home based user of the show will have the option to participate in the show and earn one lakh for each day.

Any one can participate above age of 18 years can Participate via SMS, IVRS, Mobile App and through Web too. The Participation cost will be for SMS and other Applicable charges only.

The Details of Ghar Baitho Jackpot is in process and will be uploaded soon.

If you are Interested in Ghar Baitho Jeeto Jackpot then you should fill form here  : ONLINE Registration

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  1. KBC game bujhti huyi asa walo ke liye jinda Aasha or umid ki Rah hai
    V good this game
    Ilike it
    Koyi kis prakar es game me Aap ke pas
    Pahuch sakta hain
    Plese describe

  2. A is right Answer

    Sir I m patient of Cancer & I more need money for my treatment so plz help.

  3. KBC A sir pichle Kai saalo se gbjj me try kr rhe h ek mauka de dijiyeg sir.. please meri bht umeed h isse

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