Just back from work ! and a day filled with reliving 17 years of KBC

KBC Season 9

Kaun Banega Crorepati is going to start on air on 28th of August this month. The Shooting for the show has already been started. Here are some exclusive pictures from the KBC Set. Amitabh Bachchan has said that

Just back from work ! and a day filled with reliving 17 years of KBC and my term with it .. 17 years !! goodness that is a lifetime

Here is some words form Amitabh Bachchan Blog mentioning the Set talks…..

… the uncertainties of life that one sees in everyday KBC, in everyday tales of struggle and trial .. the emotion of those that live a life unknown to most of us … a life that hinges only on hope and chance .. a moment in their otherwise morose living, to be able in this one stroke of opportunity to jump out with glee and abandon those hard lined mishaps that may have pushed them into paucity and want .. 

… some show their despair with the laughter of fate .. some choke with the intent of expressing their condition .. but unable to bring words to mouth .. the tears that fill their vision – the only indicator of the anguish and pain of want and abject poverty .. 

it is impossible to remain conditioned and still .. words and expressions seem so inadequate and worthless .. evaluating their condition with that of ours is the obvious term .. but for how long and for what .. and what after .. ?

…. and as you ponder the ills of life and fate .. the cheers of them that assemble at the doors awakens in you the spirit of return .. to come out .. to acknowledge, to wave that smile among the many that gather .. and the wonder .. why .. why it happens .. 

.. a contestant on the Hot Seat the other day just laughed and smiled throughout the investigation .. giving replies and moving up .. when asked why the mirth .. his simplistic response, made you laugh even more, but was worthy a ponder ..

… he said ..

” I laugh because .. I just called the registration numbers of KBC and among the crores and millions of calls that come and go through, I cannot imagine why my number should be chosen .. I cannot understand why I am finding myself among the chosen 10 at the FFF condition .. I am not that intelligent and I am stunned to find myself the first guy of this FFF lot to be picked through the result on the Hot Seat .. and I cannot understand how I am able to answer even one question correctly ..”

And I wonder if I would ever be able to adapt and imbibe the simplicity of the human in my sight .. that truly is worth the millions that the show promises ..

But this is sublime  … this wealth of love .. this is the solar stroke from the heavens ..

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