‘Karmveer’ on KBC – KBC Karmveer – Special Episodes

‘Karmveer’ on KBC – KBC Karmveer – Special Episodes

Special KBC Karmveer Episodes

On the set of Kaun Banega Crorepati, on the each friday, we call the Karmveer on the set. The Person who come on the set are Karmveers means who has sacrificed his life for the welfare of the society. Currently Shooting of the show is underway. Stay tuned for more updates.

KBC Karmveers

Here are the lines quoted for Sri Amitabh Bachchan Blog :

Emotions run high .. on the ‘Karmveer’ on KBC .. the efforts and the concern for fellow citizens .. the reality .. the delicate and the disturbing .. the sight of the plight .. to do , to reach out .. the education of them that exist in limited and distressing conditions ..

.. and the selfless work that is being done by this institution for their benefit and care .. humanity at your doorstep .. it shudders and trembles in pain .. and the gallant that step out voluntarily to bring succour and help for the needy .. ..

.. sacrifice .. care .. consideration ..

.. how do they that step out .. extend their hands and efforts for them that do not possess .. what brings them to this pass .. where and how do they construct their minds ..

.. the emotions , the breakdowns in arresting the misery of those that need ..

.. takes your sleep away .. your thoughts ever with them that be described in verbal speech and in the visuals they show us ..

.. but there is a silver lining in all .. the dedication of them that have committed themselves to the cause .. of them that give their all so the few that they care for could get their share of all .. of their share of being humans .. to eradicate somehow the misery that millions go through ..

.. the episodes normally are filled with the applause and cheer of the audience .. but when the topic and the work of the ‘karmveers’ is under consideration the applause just does not occur .. it stops on its own .. it realises the gravity of the situation  .. and just stops .. in silence ..

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