KBC Practice Quiz for Season 11 Dated 22nd Feb

As you all know Amitabh Bachchan has just tweeted and confirmed that the in 2019, the KBC will be on Sony TV. So, Lets starts practicing for KBC Questions that will asked on Sony TV.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Practice Quiz for Registration Day 7

Dated 22nd Feb 2019

Welcome to your KBC Practice Quiz No 8 Dated 22nd Feb 2019

1. Ques : Which country has recently declared Yoga as sports activity?
2. Ques : Which is the India’s longest expressway that will soon provide free Wi-Fi services along its length?
3. Ques : Who has been appointed as the president of the 36th International Geological Congress (IGC – 2020)?
4. Ques : Who has been chosen by the Andhra Pradesh Govt for the 2016 NTR National Film Award?
5. Ques : Which Indian personality has been appointed as advisory board member of the Financial Stability Institute (FSI) of the BIS?

20 thoughts on “KBC Practice Quiz for Season 11 Dated 22nd Feb”

  1. Dear KBC, I want play KBC only for Helping those kids born with slow development of their mind.those kids does goes to normal school, for them needs child care Centre for all days.. With regards.

  2. Please give me a chance in kbc season 11. I am trying since 1st season.

  3. Pranam Sirji, Good Evening, I like KBC, I want to play on the HOT SEAT, 2019.All the best.

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