Ques : In computer terminology, what does ‘Error 404’ indicate?

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Ques : In computer terminology, what does ‘Error 404’ indicate?

A. Permission required

B. Access denied

C. Incorrect password

D. Not found

Ans : D. Not found

Here is the some Description on “Error 404”:

  • When we surf the Internet we visit mostly website or “web pages”.
  • When the website is not available because of missing file on the server then website give a default message as “404 error“.
  • In computer terminology Error codes has been defined and while surfing we get these errors often on web pages.

What to do if Error 404 continues and not getting clue how to open that web page :

  1. Check the URL i.e website Address, Is it correct or not – May be wrongly typed.
  2. If the URL is ok i.e “Uniform Resource Locator” then check internet connection configuration.
  3. Some time you need to delete cache of your Web Browser like “Chrome, Firefox, UC etc”
  4. Refresh the connection by typing F5 button.
  5. It will make a fresh connection with the web site and may site load and Error 404 disappears.
  6. Some time due to over load on the website 404 error occurs because of PHP database connection error.
  7. Wait for some time, and retry after a while, its sure that 404 will disappear and you will see Live Page.
  8. Some time index.php file show the previous version of the file so its need to be updated for fresh file other wise Error 404 will continue.

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