Triple Test – Fastest Finger Test Questions – 2nd Episode KBC Dt. 24th August

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Ques : The place mentioned in which of these movie titles lies farthest west?

A. Johar Mehmood in Goa

B. Thief of Baghdad

C. Ishkq in Paris

D. Love in Tokyo

Ans : C. Ishkq in Paris

Ques : Which of these political parties was formed most recently?

A. Bhartiya Janata Party

B. Communist Party of India

C. Indian National Congress

D. Samajwadi Party

Ans : D. Samajwadi Party

Ques : Which of these calculations has the smallest answer?

A. 13 minus 13

B. 13 plus 13

C. 13 divided by 13

D. 13 multiplied by 13

Ans : A. 13 minus 13