Viresh Chaudhary Playing as 18th Contestant on KBC Hotseat

Viresh Chaudhary Playing as 18th Contestant on KBC Hotseat

biresh chaudhary viresh kbc win 1 crore question15th Question asked from Biresh Chaudhary

worth 1 Crore

Kya #KBC ke manch ko milne wala hai uska pehla Crorepati?

Jaanne ke liye dekhte rahiye #KBC Mon-Fri raat 9 baje sirf Sony par.

In Every season of Kaun Banega Crorepati we witness the contestant playing for 1 crore, In this season also we have got first contestant playing for Rs. 1 Crore. Well his name is Biresh Choudhary. He will be answering in next Episodes of KBC before Amitabh Bachchan. Well, the Contestant choose the safe mode to quit the Game at 50 lakh. But here we have first crorepati Question and top winner till today in season 9. He will also use his lifeline Double Dip but not able to take Risk. But it was Brave Played by Him.

Well watch out this video to know more…

Here is the Crorepati Question asked from Viresh Choudhary

for 1 Crore i.e Question worth one crore.

Ques : What According to “My Experiment with truth” Krishnashankar Pandya Persuade Mahatma Gandhi to learn ?

Options are : A. Sanskrit  B. Vaishnav Jana to  C. Operating the Charkha   D. Persian

Correct Answer is to Learn Sanskrit

Well it is Similar to the Question asked in one competitive Exam :

  1. Gandhiji had great regard for Krishna Shankar Pandya because he
  • Persuaded him to learn Sanskrit
  • Taught him Sanskrit well
  • Was lenient
  • Was a good teacher

Question asked for 50 Lakh :

Ques : Which of these companies supplied ballot for Independent India’s first election?

Options are : A. Mahindra & Mahindra  B. Mysore Iron works  C. Godrej & Boyce  D. Tata Steel

Correct Answer is C. Godrej & Boyce

Description :  In 1951 the Indian election commissioner asked Godrej to make Ballot Boxes for the free India’s first election and within days 1.7 billion Ballot Boxes were made.

Question for 50 Lakh :

Ques : Which of these Indian para-athletes won the gold medal in high jump at the Rio Paralympic Games?

A. Varun Singh Bhati B. Thangavelu Mariyappan  C. Sharad Kumar  D. Devendra Jhajharia

Here are Questions asked from him :

Veeresh Choudhary KBC Contestant

won 1 crore from Haryana

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