Your Game show KBC is Ready to be aired – Just 3 Days to go

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 13

KBC in 2021 will be aired from 23rd August on SONY TV at 9 PM

Karna death
Ques : Which of these events from the Kurukshetra War took place last? A. Formation of the Chakravyuh B. Bhishma ...
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Ques : Which of these is not a commissioned rank in the Indian Navy? A. Admiral B. Brigadier C. Commodore ...
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Shraddha Kapoor
Ques : Which of these actresses is the daughter of actor Shakti Kapoor? A. Janhvi Kapoor B. Vaani Kapoor C ...
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Oshin Patwa From Madhya Pradesh KBC Contestant
KBC Contestant - Oshin Patwa From Madhya Pradesh ...
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Episode 20 KBC Play Along winner
Congratulations to our 10 Lakhpatis from 17th September! You can participate with KBC Play Along Gold and stand a chance ...
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Ques : In which present-day district did Shuja-ud-Daula build the chhota Calcutta for in the eighteen century? A. Amethi B ...
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Ques : In December 2020, which cricketer won the Sir Garfield Sobers Award for Male Cricketer of the Decade? A ...
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Dhoomil KBC
Ques : 'Dhoomil' is a part of which of these authors' name? A. Sudama Panday B. Shiv Mangal Singh C ...
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Ques : Which of these countries is the world's largest producer of jute? A. Bangladesh B. Nepal C. China D ...
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Manmohan Singh
Ques : Who has been the only prime minister to have never won a Lok Sabha election? A. H D ...
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Hiranyakashipu KBC
Ques : Which asura is being slain here? A. Rahu B. Ketu C. Hiranyakashipu D. Hiranyaksha Ans : C. Hiranyakashipu ...
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Ra one
Ques : What is missing from the title of Shah Rukh Khan's superhero film: "Ra. ____"? A. One B. Two ...
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Ques : Which traditional Char Dham site is located in the westernmost part of our nation? A. Badrinath B. Puri ...
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To be ashmed
Ques : What does the proverb 'aankh neechi hona' mean? A. To be scared B. To be ashamed C. To ...
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Ques : Which combination of diseases and specialist is the odd one out? A. Blood Cancer - Haematologist B. Breast ...
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Author: KBCliv