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Questions asked from Anamika to win one Crore on the KBC Set

kbc 9 Anamika (2)7 Crore Question asked from Anamika on KBC

Here we have got first Crorepati of the Season, You must be all excited to know the Questions asked from her. How she won the One Crore, How she faced the 7 Crore Question and what was that. Well, Just wait for the next Episode to Begin from Monday. Well, She Belongs to Jamshedpur and runs an NGO.

Well, You can know more about Anamika as her full name is Anamika Majumdar and Details are here :

Anamika Majumdar won 1 Crore on the Set of KBC – Details Inside

1 crore question Anamika
1 crore question Anamika KBC

Well, to understand your Anxiety we are putting one of the Video to estimate the Pressure one contestant face while facing 7 crore question on the set of KBC. well, Here the 1 crore winning moments on the KBC Set.

KBC Questions asked from Anamika was very difficult, She has risk taking ability and knowledge too, well if some one wins 1 crore on the set of KBC then it proves that she knows very much and has best luck. Well, this KBC Anamika Episode of 1 crore winning will be aired on 5th or 6th October and on you will get latest updates.

Well your anxiety towards the 7 crore question asked from Anamika is very much so here we are with 1 crore and 7 crore Exclusively:

Ques : Which of the following pairs are not a Parent Child, who have both won Nobel Prizes?

A. Marie Curie & Irene Joliot Curie

B. JJ Thomas & George Paget Thomson

C. Niels Bohr & Aage N. Bohr

D. Hermann Emil Fishcer & Hans Fischer

Correct Answer : D. Hermann Emil Fishcer & Hans Fischer

Well more details on that can been seen : Anamika 7 Crore Question KBC

Play like Anamika Majumdar : Partipate in Quiz Below :

[qsm quiz=20]

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