KBC Along Episodes for Jio Play Along Contestant from 30th October : Register Now

KBC Along Episodes for Jio Play Along Contestant from 30th October : Register Now

KBC-Playalong Special Episodes participation and selection

Have you Registered yourself on Jiochat App : If not then Register Now and be on Hotseat

KBC Play Along Episodes
KBC Play Along Episodes

Special Episodes coming from 30th October

Registration are Active on Jio Chat App : Submit Entry now

Play Along Episodes are coming on SONY TV

for Special Contestants at 08:30 PM.

10 lakhs Home based participated in KBC Jio Play Along Contest an played KBC Question along with contestant. India played this time as Digital India. Now its time to make their dream true. so Here is your Chance to get on the Hotseat. Register Yourself on JIO Chat App, Download it and Register the Entry.

so, start Download the KBC Jio Chat App on your Mobile and start Playing along with the Contestant during the show on SONY TV. Download Links and Process are given Below :


KBC-Playalong Special – Terms and conditions of participation and selection

“Play along game” or “PAG”: The general knowledge online quiz titled “Jio KBC Play Along Game” which will be played by the PAP in accordance with the Rules & Regulations stated on the Jio Chat app.

“Play Along Participant(s)” or “PAP”: Any person(s) who registers and / or participates in the PAG on or before October 06, 2017and who (i) is above eighteen (18) years of age as on the date of participation; (ii) is a citizen of
India residing in India and (iii) is of sound mind and health


From among the PAPs who have participated in the PAG during the period commencing from August 28, 2017 to October 06, 2017, all PAPs will be shortlisted by the randomizer on pre-defined reservation criteria as mentioned here in below, and approximately 400 PAPs will be selected to attend the Audition venue as Auditionees. Once a mobile number is chosen and confirmed for audition, it would not be chosen the second time.

So, in one word it means if you have played KBC from your Home from Jio Chat App then you might get a call for KBC Auditions and to be on Hotseat. The KBC Play Along Episodes will be aired for a week.

So Here is your 2nd Chance to be on Hotseat : Registration Open


Download the Terms, Condition, Procedure, Auditions Entry Details from sonyliv

Download Now :

KBC-Playalong Special Episodes participation and selection

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