KBC Registration Nepali 2018 : Ko Bancha Crorepati

Ko Bancha Crorepati Registration 2018

KBC Nepali Version 2018

KBC Registration in Nepali Version will be in 2018, The Registration for the show will start soon. If you belongs to Nepali meant if you are a Citizen of Nepali then its a good chance to be on Hotseat. Many Indians have their relatives in Nepal so, we are Intimating them all. The first teaser video has been released and it is quite interesting.

The Popularity of KBC is so much that we have seen many version of it as in Bengali with Saurav Ganguly , Bhojpuri Version with Satrughan Sinha, and the most famous in Hindi with sir Amitabh Bachchan. Recently DD meant Doordarshan in Jammu & Kashmir is also going to launch the show to help people in riching communal Harmony. Before Nepal 160 countries has broadcasted the show and Nepal will be 161th.

It will be the first season of Ko Bancha Crorepati in Nepal and Ap1 will Broadcast it.

Well, apart from above all Information, We proudly announced the KBC Registration, Auditions Details in Nepal. All the Details are given Below.

  • How to do online Registration of Kaun Banega Crorepati in Nepal?

Official Notification has not come yet. The link for the same will be published soon.

  • Eligibility for the show and pre-requistic condition.

Contestant must be 18 years and above.

  • Audition and Selection Details.

Audition will happen as per schedule after when Registration will be over. Registration will be done on the basis of SMS/IVRS system.

26 thoughts on “KBC Registration Nepali 2018 : Ko Bancha Crorepati”

  1. Namskar sir bahut bahut dhanywad aapka hame update karate rahane ke liye hot seat chhutane Na pay 2018 me sir please

  2. करोड़पति गेम शो एक ऐसा गेम जो है खाना खाने के समय अगर आता है तो हम लोग खाना छोड़ कर गेम्स देखना शुरु करते हैं उस वक्त लगता है कि हम स्वयं करोड़पति हैं चाहे जेब से खाली हो कोई भी अपने आप को उस समय भूल जाता है जब सर अमिताभ बच्चन हॉट सीट पर होते हैं तो लगता है कि अब मेरा सपना भी साकार होने लगा है।देखता हूं सर जी का क्या मर्जी है आज 20 साल से मैं लगा हूं आगे न जाने कब तक लगना पड़े जय हिंद जय भारत

  3. Dear sir I’m BALWANT Singh from district Chmoli Gadhwal near badrinath Tampal SR my district 15yeas Andy manner not change SR please one change me namsti jai badrinayan jai kadardham love to your KBC

  4. Sir kya kbhi main KBC ke hot seat tk pahunch paungi ya because I know I am so unlucky.but I don’t gave up our hop.

  5. Sir, lat 5 Years main lagatar Koshish kar raha hoon ek mauka diya jay please.

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