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Registration KBC

We are Back with Kaun Banega Crorepati

In 2018 KBC “The most loved Game show” will Rock

Sr. Amitabh Bachchan will soon be in action as the 10th season of KBC will be on air in mid August. The Registration Process will start from 6th of June via Sonyliv App, IVRS, SMS, Web Medium. All the Registration Question will be available on kbcliv.in with the process to Answer. The show is on top. Well, there are many perfect reasons for ones to get on Hotseat. 

Don’t Miss time – A life time opportunity for you all

A total of 14 Registration Question will be asked

Number of Episode will be thirty (30) and it will run for six weeks. In 2017 we witness a great season after a long wait time of 3 years. The fans of KBC are just great. Even they dream of Amitabh Bachchan and Hotseat of KBC. The show become very much popular because of Play Along App via Jio Chat. The Play Along App enable Home based users to feel as they are on Hotseat and make them involved in the show.

From June 6 to June 20 Sr Amitabh Bachchan will ask Registration question on Sony TV at 08:30 PM. You will be given time to Answer the question to get qualified for the Audition for 24 hours i.e before next day 08:29:29 PM. Previous year we received a total of 20 Million KBC Registration request in 7 days and we will break this record with 14 days duration of Registration question this year.

kbc registration starting 6thj June

The presence of Amitabh Bachchan as the Host give a bold look to the show. His Voice unites the show. This time show will give you a thrilling experience. You will soon listen the word “Lock kiya Jaiyee”. The Common people feelings always get attached to the show, this makes KBC a real Game show.

KBC Registration Question will be available right away on KBCLIV.IN

  • Important Dates :
  1. Registration to start from 6th of June at 08:30.
  2. Questions will be available on kbcliv.in
  3. Answer them via Registration Process.
  4. A total of 14 questions will be asked – 14 chances to be on Hotseat.
  5. Auditions Details will be shared soon.
  6. Show will be on air from mid of August.
  7. Check your Eligibility for the KBC Registration here.
  8. If you have not prepared for the show you can have some General knowledge Books Buy now

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